From Broke University Student to 6 figure Earner Vitaliy Dubinin

Vitaliy Dubinin is a very passionate home business entrepreneur, online mentor, dad and speaker living in Israel with his wife and 2 kids. Thanks to the skills learned in MLSP he went from being a broke student working at various low paying jobs to within 2 years living a life of true FREEDOM. Vitaliy enjoys travelling the world 5-8 times a year, attending live seminars and events, working from his laptop or his home, speaking on stages and inspiring thousands of people to live a FREEDOM-preneur lifestyle as well and actually SEE their kids grow. He has been recognized as one of the top recruiters in the Network Marketing industry sponsoring over 130 people in just 6 months thanks to attraction marketing principles and now he personally mentors people to the top!
I first started following Vitaliy when he was doing his daily videos and loved his enthusiasm and the fact that he loves helping people
Vitaliy has a loyal following who look up to hime for leadership and guidance and he has many students who are now leading the freedom lifestyle.
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Interview with Jo Botting Using facebook to generate leads for your Business

Today I interview Jo Botting who is a fellow Aussie internet marketer, Coach and Mentor. Jo has developed her business to the stage that she can now work anywhere in the world she likes and it has given her the freedom to do what she likes whenever she likes. The true freedom lifestyle.
Jo has a successful coaching business and is also a successful affiliate marketer.
You can connect with Jo on Facebook here
Jo has a fantastic coaching program that teaches you how to get more leads using free traffic from facebook. Watch as Jo tells us how she has developed her business and what she has learned along her road to success.
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How to set up a product delivery page on your wordpress site

In order to grow your list you need to have a product to giveaway in exchange for peoples email.
Once you have a product you need a way to deliver the product to your customer. One way to do this is to upload it to your wordpress installation and set up a page so that people can download it.
If you set up a product delivery or download page you can also ask other marketers if they would like to put their product on your download page in exchange for them putting your product on theirs.
You can also add affiliate products as well and extra bonus porducts.

List Building Basics- How to Create your Free Offer



Anyways, let’s talk about your free offer. This is what you’re going to promise someone in exchange for their email address.

This is something that you can give away for free but is packed with enough information that someone would happily pay for it.

Does that mean it has to be worth $100, $50 or even $20? No- it could be a very short PDF document. I’ve seen free gifts that were just 1-3 pages long, but contained more valuable information than $97 video courses.

It just depends on how targeted, clear and usable the gift is.

So for example, let’s say you’re in the Internet marketing niche. Your free gift may be a short video on how to use a free template to make a squeeze page. Another example is a list of highly-converting subject lines someone can use in their auto-responder.

Again, this should be something that can be digested quickly, is easy for you to create, and provides a helpful service or information to the new subscriber. Just remember that what you promise on your squeeze page matches what the gift actually does!

So if you have a 3 page report on productivity, don’t claim that it offers more information than the 10 greatest productivity books ever written. Or if it’s a piece of software, don’t claim that with one push of a button the person will make millions.

To create a report or ebook you can give away, use something like Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Open Office to type it out. Make sure that it looks nice, is straight to the point, and has your name and website on it.

When you’re done you should convert it into PDF format. This not only helps protect the formatting and your content, but it also makes it easier for your subscriber to open and read.

If you’re going to create videos instead of a report you can use software like CamStudio, which is free and allows you to take a video of what you’re doing on your screen. The great thing about this is you can also record yourself talking and explaining the tips on the slideshow or program you’re using. Then you can save what you recorded as a video, upload it to YouTube as a private video, and then send the link to your new subscribers

Successful Listbuilding 101 the importance of keeping in touch

Anyone (with a bit of practice) can master the art of throwing up a WordPress blog, creating products or even writing sales copy. But building a list? That requires all of these efforts as well as some creative thinking and courage.

Besides that, a lot of people don’t understand what makes for a good email list. Everybody wants a “big” list, and focuses only on getting more subscribers onto their list. But that’s not necessarily the best kind of list to look for in a long term business.

So what do you think a big, successful email list actually looks like?

Is it:

a) A list of 100,000 people?

b) How about a list of 20,000 people?

c) Maybe 500 people?

d) Or do you think the size of the list doesn’t matter?

If you picked “d” you’re already ahead of the game!

That’s right- at the end of the day, the size of your list doesn’t matter all that much.

Some marketers out there with lists of 5,000 and 10,000 subscribers will consistently get tons of sales from each email, whereas others with lists of well over 100,000 subscribers can barely make enough sales to cover their rent!

Doesn’t make sense, does it?

But here’s the deal. Successful list builders understand “big lists” differently than the people with 100,000 subscribers. They’ve learned that a successful list is all about having a good relationship with the people on their list. They focus on influence, not numbers. Influence is the real marker of success.

When we talk about influence as a business owner, what we mean is:

1) Your subscribers open most, if not all of your emails

2) Your subscribers actually read the emails- they don’t open it up just to delete it!

3) They act on what you recommend or teach them

4) They buy stuff from you (or products you recommend as an affiliate)

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How to Set up WordPress on your Hosting Account

WordPress is a system that allows you to build a ste on your hosting. It was released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It is one of the most popular CMS management tools because of its ease of use.
You can get many different themes and also plugins that will change the look and increase its functionality
Wordpress sites are also great for setting up your sales funnel as you can use a new page for each page, squeeze page, thankyou page and product delivery page as well as otos and bonus pages
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I would guarantee that there are a lot of sites that you visit that are set up on wordpress

Setting up your autoresponder

In this video, let’s talk about some of the tools you’re going to need to succeed with list building. There are a few different ones, but don’t be intimidated. Just sign up for one at a time, and you’ll be all done before you know it.

The very first thing that you’re absolutely going to need is a good, reliable auto-responder. There are a bunch of different kinds out there, from software you put on your computer to online services.

That said- I HIGHLY recommend that you stay away from most of the “free” services. Remember that nothing in life is truly free. Even though you may not pay a dime for them, you may be paying in terms of horrible reliability, time wasted, and who knows what else.

As far as software, the problem is that you have to be pretty technical. They aren’t normally easy to understand, so instead I recommend using a service.

I’m going to recommend two providers that I’ve personally used and that I personally endorse.

The first one that I’m going to recommend is AWeber. This is one of the most popular auto-responder services among marketers because it’s easy to use. You can test AWeber for the first month for just $1, so there’s no reason not to get them a shot.

AWeber is nice because besides being affordable and easy to use, they have a lot of options. They have different styles of opt-in boxes, use different forms within the same list, conduct split testing, and more. These things help you as your business grows, because you’ll want to constantly be testing new things to see what works best.
Here I go over the basics of what an autoresponder is and how you can use it to build a successful business.
An autoresponder is a vital piece of your sales process

Your Customer List is your Best Asset | List building Basics

Your customer list is your best asset. I often get asked by newbie marketers Why do I need a list?
Your customer list is your best asset. Many newbie marketers ask why do I need a list and there are many reasons why you need a list but most importantly it allows you to contact them over and over again so that they can get to know you and like you but most importantly Trust you.
People will not listen to you or buy for you unless they trust you.
Remember too that your email list has real people on the other end of those emails. When you are writing your emails write as if you are writing to one person only as this will make it more personable.
When I first started marketing I thought I did not need a list and so I did not build one. This was a big Mistake. If I had my time over again that is the only thing I would concentrate on and I am happy today that building my list is priority over anything else. The second thing I do is make sure I am providing value to my list by sending relevant information.
Don’t ever think you have nothing to offer. Many people start from scratch and if you are starting from scratch share what you are doing. Look around the internet and find that one article that has helped you do something today. Share how you might have stuffed up, this shows you are only human and your subscribers want to know you are human and you know they are humans too. If you are stuck reach out to your subscribers for help or tell them how you got unstuck. The internet provides so much information that you can leverage. Take the blinkers off.
Zig Ziglar has a famous quote that says “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”
Always remember this when you are sending your email campaigns
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