DAY 7: Write an Article, Tips & Pay With a Tweet

To this point, you’ve had the opportunity to create several emails, which can be used to build a relationship with your subscribers and boost your sales.

Remember; ALWAYS add your most successful email promotions to an autoresponder, so they can keep working over and over for you.

Now, here are two more tasks to help make your email results even better…
==> Writing Assignment – Write an Article Related to Your Goodie

Today your writing assignment has two parts but don’t worry, the first part will be super quick.

Part 1: Your readers are with you because they want two main things – updates and to learn from you. Think of a problem your readers have and give them 5 tips to solve it.

HINT: If you have the time, you may want to make a list of problems you can address in the future.

Part 2: Write an article on a topic related to your goodie. You may already have one that will work for this. Promote your goodie in your article byline. Make sure to ask for the opt-in to access your goodie. Submit the article to an article directory; create a HubPage or Squidoo lens for the article. Just do something to get the article out there.

Caution! If you’re using PLR articles, keep in mind that they cannot be submitted to article directories.
==> List Building Assignment – Create a Social Payment Opportunity

Today’s activity is about building awareness. Since social media is so popular right now, it’s important you take advantage of it. What I’d like you to do today is to create a custom landing page for your free goodie specifically for Facebook and Twitter (one landing page for each).

A quick way to do this is to take the opt-in page you originally created for the goodie and modify it some. You can add a special welcome message such as “Thanks for following me on Facebook. I’m glad you decided to check out my free goodie.”

Now typically, even when giving away a freebie, you are asking people to ‘buy’ it by giving you their name and email address through an opt-in form. So while they are not paying with cash, they are paying with something.

Today your sign up pages are going to ask visitors to pay with a social promotion. They can pay with a Tweet, a “Like” or a Google +1. There are a few methods for doing this but the easiest is to use one of the following services to create your ‘buy’ button.

here is mine


Make yours here

Once you have your page set up, promote the freebie on Facebook and Twitter, linking to their specific page.


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DAY 6: Goodie Follow up & Guest Blog Post

Congratulations! You’ve completed the first 5 days of the 15 day email challenge. Are you ready to keep going?

Moving along, it’s time for another email writing and list building activity. As always, you can decide what to write and build on your own…or if you need more direction, your challenge/tasks for today are below.
==> Writing Assignment – Content Follow up

Today, you will promote your goodie by writing a follow up email. Include some additional thoughts, helpful tips and a link to the goodie. The key to a good follow up is to ensure your subscribers get something out of it, even if they’ve already downloaded your free gift.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to bombard your readers with emails for things they have already gotten. Try your best to omit sending an email to those people who have already taken action from your email. If your autoresponder can track what links have been clicked or products ordered, use that feature to your advantage here.
==> List Building Assignment – Write a Guest Blog Post

Do you know of a website or blog whose audience you’d like to reach? You may be able to do that with a guest blog post. The site owner gets an original piece of content (from you), while you (and your linked byline to the opt-in page) get additional exposure when the owner puts the post on his or her site.

Make a list of blogs where you would like to add a post, for future reference. Today, you’re just going to write one guest blog post.

Before you start writing, do a little research. Most places that will accept guest posts also have guidelines about submissions. Look around the site for those and get a feel for the type of content the readers are looking for. This will help you shape your approach and the blog post’s content.

If they do have submission guidelines, follow them to the letter. If they don’t have guidelines, write the blog post first. This post should be highly relevant to their audience. Send it to the site/blog owner (or submission area), saying that they may publish it and ask them to notify you when they do.

Having a ready-to-go blog post is the key. You don’t want to waste the owner’s time with a bunch of emails. Even if the blog owner doesn’t publish your article/blog post, you still have a great piece of content that you can modify and publish elsewhere.


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Day 5: Create A Goodie & Distribute It

Today, you are going to maximize your time by combining your email writing and list building efforts.
==> Writing Assignment – Give a Goodie

Your challenge today is to put together a quick goodie for your existing readers. Don’t spend much time on this. You just need something quick and dirty that is also useful to your readers. It can be a video, report, worksheet, tool or anything you think your readers might like.

TIP: In the goodie, include a special offer that complements your product.

Once it’s finished, write an email telling your subscribers about the goodie. Give them a link to access it. It’s that simple. The objective here is to create goodwill with awesome value so don’t make the readers jump through hoops to get it.
==> List Building Assignment – Distribute That Goodie

Now take the goodie, that you just created and repurpose it slightly. Use it as a list-building tool. You may want to do one of the following:

• Add a promo for your opt-in page at the bottom of the new goodie. Then distribute it to your affiliates and others so they can distribute it as well.
• Set up a second opt-in page & require new subscribers to opt-in to get the goodie.
• Submit it to directories and anywhere applicable.
• Add a link to the goodie’s sign up page in your signatures and byline.
• Create a few Facebook ads to draw new people in.


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DAY 4: Write a Promotional Email & Check Your Signatures

Now that your key list-building tools are in place; your opt-in box, opt-in page and thank you page, you can maximize what you already have to grow your list by writing your next email & follow up.

==> Writing Assignment – Write a Promotion Only Email

Today, your task is to write a purely promotional email. Previously, you focused on keeping the content more informational and while all promotions should INFORM, you’ll make a stronger sales pitch in this email.

Many business owners shy away from the sales pitch because they are afraid that potential customers will unsubscribe or complain. While you don’t want everyone up in arms about too many promotions, you won’t make the sale if you don’t ask for it. People who highly object to a sales pitch will probably never become a customer. If they are never going to buy, they are only weighing down your list. Put your fears aside and SELL that product!

Follow up promotions (or reminders) are powerful. Your first promos may produce a nice number of sales; however, the follow up can add the icing on the cake! A follow up can be short, reiterating some of the points of the first email. However, you will want to add a few new benefits or points to ponder as well.

So today, write a totally promotional email and a corresponding follow up.
==> List Building Assignment – Check your signatures

Email signatures may be the most overlooked and cost-effective marketing tool at your disposal. Yet a well-executed email signature can literally bring in hundreds of extra dollars to your business.

Your link building assignment today is to check your forum signatures, email signatures, social media profiles and anywhere else you may have links to your website. Update your signatures and other areas to include a link to your new freebie and opt-in page.


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Content Email & Thank You Page Day 3

Your persistence with the challenge tasks should be paying off soon. If you need to get caught up, don’t give up before you get to the finish line. Just keep pushing forward and you’ll get there.

It’s time for your next email writing and list building activity. You can decide what to write and build on your own or if you need more direction, your challenge/tasks for today are below.
==> Writing Assignment – Content…with a Plan

Today, you’re going write a purely informative content piece for your list, but you’ll need a plan because you’ll also be writing a follow up on this content piece with a product promotion. Remember that product you planned to promote earlier? Keep it in mind as you write.

Part 1: For today’s informational email, think about these questions to help you get started.

• What does a consumer of this product need to know?
• What problem do they have?
• How can you help them start to solve it in today’s email?

In Word or Notepad, just write the email without really thinking too much about mistakes. You’re just trying to get your initial thoughts down. Then go back and edit the message to tidy it up.

But your writing assignment isn’t done yet; you still need to write your follow up email for tomorrow.

Part 2: While the thought is still fresh in your mind, it’s important to go ahead and write your follow up message. When writing the content follow up email, think about how you can build on the content piece you wrote in part 1 and incorporate it into an informative promotion.

Say you wrote some fitness tips for a fitness video you planned to promote. In the follow up, tune in to your reader’s emotion and empathize by saying that you know it’s easier said than done. Tell them, “You can read about fitness and exercise, but seeing it in action is what makes all the difference. And luckily, I have a fitness video that illustrates the concepts and exercises.”

Perhaps, make a special offer on the video or add some bonus goodies to the usual offer. If it’s a limited time offer, you’ll probably get more results. In short, make it a very attractive and relevant offer for your readers.

Keep in mind that this follow up email doesn’t have to be sent out the following day. Depending on your personal business goals and preferences, it may be sent 3 days later, 5 days later or even a week or more after your first email. The goal is to write the email and schedule it so you have one less thing on your plate later.

So write your main email and the corresponding follow up and load them into your email program to be scheduled for a time of your choosing.
==> List Building Assignment – Create a Thank You Page

Yesterday, you made an opt-in page. Now it’s time to create your thank you page. On a thank you page, you have the perfect opportunity to make a special offer. Because people have already said YES to a subscription, they are more likely to say YES to an additional offer.

Thank you page contents:

• Thank you message: Thank your subscriber for signing up.
• Additional requirements: Tell them about any additional requirements (confirmed opt-in, etc.)
• Special offer: Your special offer can be a one-time only offer, a special discount for new subscribers, etc.
• Limit Distractions/Navigation: Limit navigation and other distractions, just as you did with your opt-in page. Keep their focus on your message and the special offer for a higher conversion rate.

You can use this thank you page for your opt-in page and your regular subscription box, if appropriate. Make sure you track your offer links. This allows you to make changes as needed.

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DAY 2: Welcome Message, Opt-in & Finish Your Freebie

There is a great deal to learn in this challenge. To ensure you get maximum results from this course, we are squeezing in a lot of information into the next 15 days. You may be asked to do more than one thing within a writing assignment or list building assignment in a single day.

I know it can be overwhelming and my goal is not to cause excess stress. The key is to do as much as you can while staying on a schedule. Not everyone is the same so if it takes you a little longer or a little less time to complete, that’s okay.

The daily challenges are designed to help those who are newer to email marketing and may need a little more direction. In the challenge it’s important to work on an email and a list-building activity each day. If you are a more experienced marketer, read through each day’s suggestions and make note of any new or forgotten things that you can use to challenge yourself.
==> Writing Assignment

The Welcome Email

If you’re creating a new list, you can start by writing a welcome email or tweaking an existing welcome message. If you are beyond this point, write an email from the plan you made earlier.

What to Include in a Welcome Email

Obviously, to a point, the things you include will depend on the product as well as your niche but here are some things you will likely want to do:

• Thank them again for signing up.
• Remind them what their subscription includes.
• Make a special offer or give a special subscriber’s only discount.
• If you’re writing an autoresponder (a pre-scheduled series of emails), tell them what they can expect in the next email.

It’s that easy!


==> List Building Assignment

There are two parts to this assignment in case you finished your freebie yesterday.

Part 1: If you haven’t quite finished your freebie or offer, try these tips.

• Use quality PLR as a basis for your freebie. Add your own branding, your own voice and promotions and you’re ready to go. Try All Private Label Content and DIYplr for a variety of topics.
• Create a Q&A audio recording for a quick high-value free product. Ask a colleague to ask you a series of questions, record it and load it up to your server.
• Look at previous content and products you’ve created. What can you use to create an awesome freebie for your readers?
• Write a quick script and take a video. Figure out your talking points, turn on the camera and load it up. Easy!

You want to create a valuable freebie, but it shouldn’t take up a lot of time. The key is to offer something related and useful that establishes your credibility and warms up your prospects to buy your product.

Part 2: Create Your Opt-In Page

An opt-in, sometimes called a squeeze page, is a “must have” for building your lists. Simply put, this type of page has one purpose, which is to encourage people to sign up to receive your newsletter. Adding a freebie or special offer that they can’t resist helps them decide.

When trying to generate leads for your business, this opt-in page is the one you want to link to. For example, you can link to it from article bylines, advertising, and other places where you are trying to generate leads. Since this page is so laser-focused, the opt-in conversion rate is much higher than it would be if you sent people to your home page.

What to Include in Your Opt-in Page:

Your opt-in page should include only the things that are needed to convince the reader to sign up for your newsletter, get a freebie or an offer of some sort. The key is to avoid including anything that will distract the reader from signing up. It’s not necessary to include any other navigation. If you feel you must, it’s best to include it in the footer and keep it to a minimum.

The items that help to encourage people to sign up include:

Headline: This should be to the point as well as attention getting and benefit-driven. Focus on words that express your reader’s emotions – pain or desire, if possible. Then show them how your offer can help.
• Description: Be sure to add a compelling description. Highlight the benefits of your freebie AND the advantages of being on your mailing list. You can focus solely on promoting your freebie, but if they see the benefits of the subscription, they will be more likely to open the emails you send them.
Graphic: Add a graphic of your freebie or a screen shot example of your newsletter. This will help draw the eye in to your offer and a sharp graphics increases the perceived value. Try to create awesome graphics quickly and easily.
• Instructions: Include step-by-step instructions on how to sign up. Spell it out for them, so there’s no confusion. If people get confused, they will likely get frustrated and give up before they sign up. Tell them: “Enter your first name and email address, then click ‘Sign me Up’”
Anti-spam Statement: People are concerned about spam and may hesitate to give out their email address. Include a brief statement about what you do / don’t do with your readers’ personal information.

Those are the basics of getting an opt-in page together. If you want to see an example, here’s our opt-in page.

Opt-In Box

The opt-in page is where you want your traffic to be directed; but, much of your traffic may come from a variety of sources. Organic traffic from search engines is a prime example. This traffic may never see your opt-in or signup page, because they are directed to a content page…unless you help them along a little.

What to include in your opt-in box:

An opt-in box is much smaller than an opt-in page, so you need to grab the visitor’s attention and interest quickly. Add these items to make the most of this small area.

• A short, benefit-driven headline
• A small graphic of your freebie
• A short statement on why they should claim the freebie
• Code for the opt-in box.

A bold, bright headline and graphic can really help draw the attention and get that sign up.

Capitalize on popular site locations & pages

To raise the odds that visitors will find and sign up for your newsletter, you’ll need to add an opt-in box on the top/side navigation of all of your pages. This small promotion for your freebie/newsletter signup should be visible no matter where traffic enter your site, be it post or page.

In addition, you probably already have some website traffic on which you can capitalize. Use your website statistics to find the most popular content on your site. For now, focus on the top 5 to 10 pages/posts. To each of these top pieces of content, add a small paragraph or note that suggests the reader can “get more info like this” by signing up for your newsletter.

If you use Google Analytics, you can find your popular pages by going to the left menu under “Content” and then choose “Top Content”. Analytics will then provide you with a list of your most popular pages for the specified time period.

If you use Awstats, you’ll also find this option in your left menu under “Navigation” and then choose “Full List” to see a list of your most-viewed content.

If you use a different statistics program, you can probably find a similar feature to determine where to focus your efforts


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Day 1 – Listbuilding and Email Challenge

DAY 1: Planning and Freebie

Today, you will begin planning the emails you will send during this challenge. Many business owners plan their email topics as they get ready to write them; however, I want you to get in the habit of planning your emails in advance.

This is important for several reasons:

• You will accomplish more in a shorter period. When your topics are pre-planned, writing them is much easier and you can breeze right along.
• You can tailor your email marketing efforts to target the specific products you want to sell. Rather than adding a promotion willy-nilly, there will be more of a flow to your mailings. Your list will be warm and ready to buy, practically before you mention a product. This leads to much better sale conversions.
• If you ever have an emergency or a technical glitch with a product, it is much easier to rearrange your emails.
• If you plan to get help with your email writing, it’s easier to assign tasks to writers, pick up the PLR you need, etc.

==> Writing Assignment: Start Brainstorming

Before you begin writing email messages for your list, it’s important to have a clear idea of the products you will be selling. When you know what you want to sell, it’s much easier to decide how to sell it. Later, you will come up with the topics you want to include in your emails.

• Make a list of the products you plan to promote through your emails. These might be your products or products you promote as an affiliate.
• Think of your ideal customer for each product. Make a list of topics, which would appeal to those customers and compel them to buy. Consider how-tos, case studies, reviews, etc.

Types of Emails

Keep in mind the kinds of email messages you might write. Note which message types your customers seem to prefer (read) and to which ones they respond best (click-through or buy). Here are some ideas to help you get started:

• Autoresponders: These pre-scheduled emails go out to subscribers usually at regular intervals.
• Ecourses: This type of series emails usually focuses on a particular topic and is often restricted to a specific number.
• Follow ups: This kind of email follows up on a previous product/offer promotion.
• Reviews & Case Studies: These informative emails give subscribers more information about the product, help to show them the possibilities and inspire new ideas for the products use.
• Relationship Builders: These emails may ask for your reader’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions. They may also offer a no-strings gift as a thank-you for their time.

Types of Subscribers

Although you will focus on your main newsletter for this challenge, keep in mind the other types of lists (and subscribers) you may already have or could develop. These can include:

• Newsletter subscribers
• Ecourse subscribers
• Lists related to a freebie offer
• Customers – Since these people have already purchased from you, this list is very valuable.
• Affiliates
• Potential affiliates and partners – These people help your business grow and are the ones with whom you want to continue to connect.

Consider what they need, how you can make their job easier and how you can encourage them.

Now that you know more about email list types and the options available to you, it should be much easier to plan the tasks you’d like to complete during this challenge. If you are new to email lists or email marketing, keep it simple by building one list type at a time.

Still not sure what to write about? Email marketing can be a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you are new to the concepts. The key is to do your best each day and follow through with the challenge. We all learn as we go so don’t worry. I’ll include some thoughts as we go along to give you some additional ideas.

==> List Building Assignment: Make/Update Freebie

You want to make sure everything is in place to maximize your opt-in success before you start encouraging people to sign up for your lists. One of the first and easiest things you’ll need is a freebie or valuable gift offer to sweeten the prospect for potential subscribers and customers.

Seasoned online marketers, who already have a freebie in place, will have a slightly different challenge than someone who is just starting out. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which route to take based on your level of knowledge, understanding, experience or need.

In this activity, you will want to either:

• Create a new freebie or offer
• Update and increase the value of an existing free-gift or offer.

Possible types of free-gifts or offers:

• A Free Report – A report that contains information about a specific topic and is usually based on a common question or problem.
• Ecourse – On a specific topic, create an email series with a limited number of messages.
• Software – Have a developer make a simple but useful piece of software specifically for your market.
• Practical Tools – Examples of these would be helpful spreadsheets, worksheets, patterns, etc.
• Audio – This may include an audio of you speaking on a topic of interest or a recording of a live teleseminar.
• Video – Create an instructional, informative or entertaining video based on your market’s interests and/or needs.
• Coupons or special offers – In order for this to be effective, you should have existing products, which customers already buy with little encouragement. These coupons and offers work best with items people are already familiar with but are just waiting for a “deal” to buy.

Remember to include niche specific items of interest. For example, in the food niche, this may include things such as recipe cards, a cookbook, or other printable, informative items. Apply this niche-specific kind of thinking to your own niche and its unique items.

The key to creating a freebie or gift is to offer something that compliments and creates interest in the product you want to sell. The more closely your freebie/gift is related to the product, the more sales you will make. If you need more ideas, you can find a free gift ideas list here

Here are some ideas for you 30 optin freebie ideas edited

Go to Day 2 

Also the Banner below will take you to a website with tons of free plr


index30 optin freebie ideas edited



2017 The New Year 15 Day Challenge Listbuilding and Email Marketing – Introduction


Online marketing is comprised of many different aspects, but each of those aspects is not equal. Posting on social media sites can give you instant recognition; some “likes” and shares or retweets. They may even give you a small amount of immediate website traffic and sales. But just as quickly as you post, the surge is gone and you to have to post again and again, perhaps many times a day, to keep the flow going.

While you should include social media in your overall marketing plan, it’s not the best option for building and growing a solid business. For long term success, the best marketing strategy for a business is email marketing. Building and nurturing your mailing lists will allow you to profit over and over again with little effort.

You may be thinking that building a mailing list takes a lot of time and effort. And you are right. But if you invest your time now, you’ll reap the rewards for many years to come. The old saying “the money is in the list” is absolutely true.

When people subscribe to your mailing lists, they are interested in what you have to say. They are giving you permission to communicate with them. They are excited for you to build a relationship with them so they know they can trust to buy from you.

With this in mind, this 15 day email challenge is going to help you grow your mailing list subscribers and get better results from each email you send to them.

How This Challenge Works

Every day for the next 15 days you will be given a 2-part challenge. Part one will consist of writing something, mostly emails. Part two will be focused on building your list.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be emailing your list every day (unless that is the schedule you like to keep), but you will be getting into the practice of creating emails that you can broadcast, add to your autoresponder or schedule for a later date. Just schedule your completed tasks to your autoresponder accordingly.

At the end of this 15 day challenge, if you’ve completed all of your assignments, you will

• 5+ emails that you can use in your email marketing
• A growing mailing list & the ability to continue to build it using the tools and methods shared in the challenge
• The knowledge and ability to drive more traffic and increase sales, using email

I encourage you to go at your own pace but do try to complete at least one day’s challenge each day, taking weekends off. Never sacrifice your family or personal life, no matter how much you want to grow your business. A successful business is nothing without those things.

Let’s Get Started!

Day 1 


How to grow your list and keep your Subscribers engaged | The Email Architect

How to grow your list and keep your Subscribers engaged | The Email Architect

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