DAY 9: Promotional Email & Advertising

Getting into a daily routine of writing is important. The more consistent you are, the easier it will be. If you have gotten behind, try your best to catch up. Trust me…it’s lucrative.

Writing articles, creating tools, reports and blog posts is important to an online business. But giving priority to the email tasks is what will help make your business profitable. If you create content and products, yet fail to contact your potential buyers, your sales will be significantly lower or maybe even non-existent.

With that in mind, it’s time to write another promo…

==> Writing Assignment – Write Another Promo & Follow Up

Today’s task is to write another promotional email. To recap a bit, promotions can be informative. They can review products (positives and drawbacks); show case studies; provide valuable advice and more.

Although you may think a product is great, you don’t want to sound like a used car salesman. Avoid over-hyping, which may lose you sales in the end.

You may be wondering about the number of promotional emails you are writing. Shouldn’t there be some purely informational emails sent as well?

Every list is different and so are your business goals. The key to opening that door to better email results is getting into the habit of daily writing and promoting in emails.

Many people have found that combining information with a promo brings better results and fewer unsubscribes. When readers come to expect both to be in an email from the word “go”, they aren’t as likely to unsubscribe on the second promo they see. So start as you plan to go and you’ll have fewer bumps in the road.

Don’t forget to write your follow up while the information is fresh in your mind. What extra incentive or additional helpful information you can provide? Can you add a bonus? Do you have a case study? Do you have feedback from other customers?
==> List Building Assignment – Swap or Buy an Ad

It’s time to start advertising. If you have the funds to buy an ad, that’s great! Check out “ezine” and “newsletter ad” directories (ex. Also, try advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords or other highly targeted advertising opportunities.

If you aren’t able to buy an ad, there are other ways to get the word out. One great way to bring in new subscribers is through other mailing lists. Search for the sites and lists you think would be a good target (similar audience). Then approach the owners of that list directly and ask if they would swap email promos or ads with you. Keep in mind that you must be willing to return the favor!


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