DAY 8: Make a Connection & Post 5 Comments

Although we send daily challenge suggestions, remember that this is your challenge. As long as you work on (and hopefully complete) one writing and one list building task each day, you are on target.

Here is your task/challenge suggestion for today…

==> Writing Assignment – Make a Connection

Today, you’ll concentrate on writing an email for the purpose of making a new connection. This person will go on your potential affiliates or partners. This list is very valuable because they are the people who promote you or collaborate with you to create a new product/offer. When you reach out to grow this list, you are indirectly growing your other lists and maybe even your product line. In the big picture, you are extending your reach beyond your existing audience.

Tips for Approaching Someone New:

• Keep the message brief and to the point. Make sure that it includes information that will grab their interest.
• Mention how you know them and how they may know you. Mention what you admire about their work but don’t gush.
• Mention something you’d like to do for them. This could include promoting one of their products, linking to one of their posts or spotlighting them in some way.
• Ask a question that doesn’t involve a favor in return. You simply want to open a dialogue to build a relationship.
• Once your relationship develops a bit and you are officially on their radar as a “potential”, you can ask for a small favor.

Just because you send a message, doesn’t mean you will get the response you’d like or even a response at all. If the person you write to doesn’t answer, don’t worry. You can re-try with a follow up message or use a different method of contacting them. Even if you still don’t get a reply, you are perfecting your emails and fine-tuning them as you go. It’s worth it in the end. Keep at it.

==> List Building Assignment

Making connections is so important to growing your list so today’s list building assignment is a continuation of your writing assignment.

Refer back to the list you created when writing your guest blog post. Visit some of the sites on your list and make an engaging, thought provoking comment. Make at least 5 comments on different blogs today. Keep in mind when commenting…

• If you’ve had a similar experience as the original post writer, share your experience to entice people to learn more about you.
• Make your comments at least 4 sentences long and do not add links in your comment as they could be rejected.
• Don’t link to your main website URL. Instead, link to a relevant article on your website.
• Try to be one of the first few commenters on a post. If your comment is number 270, you’ve lost out on 269 people possibly reading your comment and offering a link back to you.


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