DAY 7: Write an Article, Tips & Pay With a Tweet

To this point, you’ve had the opportunity to create several emails, which can be used to build a relationship with your subscribers and boost your sales.

Remember; ALWAYS add your most successful email promotions to an autoresponder, so they can keep working over and over for you.

Now, here are two more tasks to help make your email results even better…
==> Writing Assignment – Write an Article Related to Your Goodie

Today your writing assignment has two parts but don’t worry, the first part will be super quick.

Part 1: Your readers are with you because they want two main things – updates and to learn from you. Think of a problem your readers have and give them 5 tips to solve it.

HINT: If you have the time, you may want to make a list of problems you can address in the future.

Part 2: Write an article on a topic related to your goodie. You may already have one that will work for this. Promote your goodie in your article byline. Make sure to ask for the opt-in to access your goodie. Submit the article to an article directory; create a HubPage or Squidoo lens for the article. Just do something to get the article out there.

Caution! If you’re using PLR articles, keep in mind that they cannot be submitted to article directories.
==> List Building Assignment – Create a Social Payment Opportunity

Today’s activity is about building awareness. Since social media is so popular right now, it’s important you take advantage of it. What I’d like you to do today is to create a custom landing page for your free goodie specifically for Facebook and Twitter (one landing page for each).

A quick way to do this is to take the opt-in page you originally created for the goodie and modify it some. You can add a special welcome message such as “Thanks for following me on Facebook. I’m glad you decided to check out my free goodie.”

Now typically, even when giving away a freebie, you are asking people to ‘buy’ it by giving you their name and email address through an opt-in form. So while they are not paying with cash, they are paying with something.

Today your sign up pages are going to ask visitors to pay with a social promotion. They can pay with a Tweet, a “Like” or a Google +1. There are a few methods for doing this but the easiest is to use one of the following services to create your ‘buy’ button.

here is mine


Make yours here

Once you have your page set up, promote the freebie on Facebook and Twitter, linking to their specific page.


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