Day 14: A Contest & Promotion Partner

Oh yeah, the last days are finally here. Today, you’re going to focus on contests and sweepstakes.

Important: Please note there are varying legal requirements for contests and sweepstakes, depending on the country, state or province in which you live. Research those before starting because I offer no legal advice whatsoever.

The basic idea is to create a contest or sweepstakes where new subscribers enter their personal details for a chance to win a valuable prize. Many people find the quality of the subscriber tends to be lower than through other methods.

You may have heard some business owners refer to these subscribers as freebie-seekers. What they mean is that many of these people are not interested in what you have to say. All they are interested in is the free prize. It is not uncommon for this group of people to forget who you are or even the fact that they entered your contest! Of course, if you approach this the right way, you may get a good response. You may also find some people who are glad they found you through the contest promotion and stick with you.

Here are some tips to help you navigate through the process:

• Your prize should be something that is very relevant to your business. The people who enter should be part of your target market.
• Make the opt-in to your list optional. Rather than automatically adding all entrants to a mailing list, tell them what freebie they can get instantly from the opt-in. If they like the information in the opt-in freebie, they may sign up voluntarily. You’ll get far fewer opt-ins, but they are more likely to stick with you and you’re less apt to receive complaints.
• Follow up quickly with your new opt-ins and let them get to know you. Time is of the essence. Contest entrants often move on quickly to the next contest and forget where they’ve been. Put yourself in a better position by setting up an autoresponder series to develop a relationship.
• Group contests can be overwhelming for the business owners and certainly for the people entering. These are contests where multiple people add a prize or a freebie to a huge package and everyone builds a list from it. On the other hand, many business owners have found that donating to contests for the PUBLICITY to be a beneficial thing.

Note: The difference in going the group route is that you shouldn’t treat the entrants as if they are on your regular opt-in list. Treat these people as prospects that you still need to convince and get to know.

With those things in mind, it’s time to write those emails and build that list.
==> Writing Assignment – Email for Your Contest

Setting up a contest will require a number of emails. Write some emails to:

• Tell your current list about the contest. You don’t need them to opt-in, but you certainly want to tell them about this opportunity to get some great free stuff!
• Follow up with entrants to thank them for entering
• A second follow up to share a gift or special offer that warms them up so they can soon become your customer
• Ask affiliates to promote your contest and perhaps offer an incentive
• Follow up with affiliates
==> List Building Assignment – Get a Promo Partner

Secure at least one place that will promote your giveaway for you. If you don’t expect this will draw in a lot of new entrants, make sure to secure a few places for today. You want to ensure what you’re working on has an impact on your list building.

TIP! When your contest ends, make sure those links coming to your contest are still useful. You can do this by offering an ongoing contest or swapping out your contest offer with another freebie offer. That way, you can keep getting opt-ins from that ongoing traffic


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