DAY 13: Product Review & RSS by Email

You’ve seen quite a bit about relationships in this course; but, their importance can’t be stressed enough. The more connections you have in your niche, the faster things grow for you. Your connections’ knowledge, advice and cross-promotion are invaluable. If you skipped ANY of the relationship building tasks, march your behind right back to those tasks and complete them.

If you’re ready to move on, let’s get started…
==> Writing Assignment – Product Review

Today, you will write a product review. Choose a product that you’ve used regularly and like. This will make it easier to write. If you can review the “P.S.” product that you recommended in yesterday’s writing task, this will be the perfect follow up.

A good product review will include:

• Overview of the product and details
• Who the product is suitable for (no product is right for everyone)
• Potential drawbacks and solutions
• Optional: Compare to other similar products – likenesses and differences.
• Overall thoughts

TIP: Once the review has been sent to your subscribers, add it to your autoresponder, and publish it on your site. Distribute the review where you can.

In addition, if the product has an affiliate program, you may also want to add the name and affiliate link to your list of recommended items. This particular document is often in pdf format and is distributed with product downloads. It may also be available to download on the site or linked at the bottom of review pages, depending on your strategy.
==> List Building Assignment – RSS by Email

If you offer an RSS feed on your blog, try adding an email option to subscribe to your RSS feed. Email options are available through Some autoresponders, like Aweber, provide similar options as well.
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