DAY 12: Content Follow Up & Incentives

Up to this point, you have written quite a few emails and completed a nice amount of list building activities. You should also have in place an opt-in page, thank you page and an opt-in box on every page. Today, you’ll add something new into the mix.

Get ready to make more progress. Here it comes…

==> Writing Assignment – Content Follow Up

You’ve probably noticed a pattern to the writing strategy…you follow up on EVERYTHING. Your efforts work efficiently because your readers have time to absorb what you’ve said, consider your offers, and appreciate your content. Today, do one or more of the following:

• Write additional tips
• Offer some encouragement
• Help your readers make the most of what you wrote yesterday, the day before or sometime in the past week.
• Did you remember to send a follow up after asking for an opinion? If not, do it today.
• If your inspiration topic inspired more emails or content ideas, go for it.

Writing this email, keep in mind the products you promote and how you can work it into a follow up email. One way is to include a post script (P.S.)

You can say something like: “P.S. And oh, by the way, if you’re having trouble unclogging your drain, here is a product that I keep on hand at all times ->”

P.S.’s can be very powerful and are easily worked into most emails. Use unique tracking links in your P.S.’s to get an idea of how well your P.S. is working for you. Use them often, but for today, start practice writing just one.

==> List Building Assignment – Provide Incentives

You’ve created a few freebies, so let’s use them again. Ask yourself what incentive will encourage your affiliates, subscribers or social media followers to help spread the word about one of your freebies.

You could:

• Create an affiliate contest – give the affiliates, who send the most leads, a valuable prize.
• Ask subscribers to share your offer through social media and give them a valuable coupon or another free item. Include a hashtag so you can keep track of the shares.

Keep in mind that nobody ever said you had to do everything yourself. Having a team on your side is a winning approach. If you have an assistant or an entire team at your disposal, make use of their skills.

Your ultimate goal is to work on planning your email marketing as much as possible and let someone else do the other work.

You could:

• Hire ghostwriters or copywriters to write for you.
• Purchase PLR you can brand, monetize, and publish.
• Let an assistant set up your opt-in pages and emails.

If you haven’t made it to that business stage yet, you may have a friend who can do some of the non-planning tasks for you. Better yet, consider hiring a person or two just for a short-term task or project. Most qualified people will already have a basic knowledge of how to do the associated tasks so you wouldn’t need to do much, if any, training. It’s a great way to get ahead.


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