DAY 10: Ask an Opinion & Taking Stock

At this point in the challenge, you’re starting to see some results. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process and the things you do will continue to work, far into the future. For example, a guest blog post continues to bring traffic to your opt-in page. You’re not just completing tasks here; you’re building something!

Make sure the emails you write continue to give you value. A few ways to do that include:

• Keep a well-organized archive of your newsletter on your site (like an FAQ section.) It helps generate traffic. Keep a copy on your computer too. It makes a great swipe file you can go back to if you get writers block.

• Add evergreen broadcasts to an autoresponder for new subscribers that come onto your list.

• Repurpose some content-rich emails. Turn them into blog posts, articles, etc. Publish them on your site or allow others to publish them.

• Take a series of emails and turn them into a special report. Give it away to your list or let your affiliates brand it to give away.

Now that you have some ideas of how your emails can help you beyond the initial mailing, you can continue with today’s tasks…
==> Writing Assignment – Ask an Opinion

When your readers feel valued and appreciated, you’ve made a connection with them and that’s what turns “potentials” into “loyals”. Today, you’re going to make them feel valued by asking their opinion on a subject, creating a short survey, or asking them to submit questions to you.

The key is to encourage some kind of interaction. They can post their opinion on a blog or if you want it to be confidential, you might use a submission form. If you’re creating a survey, you can use a free tool like Easy Internet Survey to easily create your survey and store the responses.

Make sure you create a follow up. If you do a survey, you may want to allow a little extra time for people to finish it. However, plan your follow up now and schedule it when the time is right.

Here are a few questions you’ll want to consider as you plan: Will you share the results? Will you reply to those who answered your question? Will you answer some of the questions that were submitted?

Make sure your subscribers feel appreciated and valued by giving them something. Keep in mind what your reader wants to get out of their participation and deliver!

So today, you’re going to ask for an opinion and plan your follow up.
==> List Building Assignment – What’s Working & Do More

Today, you’ll be looking at your statistics, specifically those of your website and your autoresponder. Here’s what to look for….

• For each opt-in page, find out where the majority of the traffic is coming from. Also, make note of which opt-in pages are working best.

• Which guest blog post is driving the most traffic? Can you do another one for that site?

• Look for 5 or 10 more ‘hot’ pages on your website. Add a promotion for your mailing list to the bottom or within the content of these pages.

• What affiliate is sending the most traffic to your opt-in page? Can you sweeten the offer for that affiliate to get them to promote more?

Always do more of what works. In fact, do one of those things that works, today.

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